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Improve Reporting

EDGEauditorSnow helps you maintain more consistent, complete and accurate reports with additional information not possible on paper. Enjoy peace of mind by setting time schedules on when you expect reports from your staff to be completed - and if they're late, EDGEauditorSnow can send out alerts to remind your team to complete them.

Gone are the days of sorting through file boxes or hunting down old documents, all of your departments reports will be available in seconds in your online dashboard. Need to find a report from three years ago? It will only take seconds to search the database and produce an easy to read PDF with all the required items.

Every report you need, all within seconds, all online.

Gain Intelligence

EDGEauditorSnow helps you identify trends in your data and lets you configure alerts and warnings when something seems out of range.

EDGEalerts can be sent via email or text message to anyone that needs to see them - from lift managers to patrol and park staff. If there’s an issue, someone will know about it instantly.

This level of intelligence is also retro-active, so you can start to identify key areas of risk based on historical data collected. High concentrations of a specific type of injury, consistent alerts generated for an exact location or park feature - these are just some examples of the intelligence you can derive from your data.

Reduce Costs

We've worked hard to reduce costs while improving the morale and efficiency of staff.

Looking to digitalize your SAAR process? We've created partnerships with lead insurance brokers to improve the process and enable you to submit your information in a digital format. No longer will you need to travel the mailbox weekly to send in your accident reports.

Document Storage costs can quickly add up over a long period of time, with EDGEauditor you never have to worry about how many file boxes need to be stored.

Need to put together a report package for an adjuster or broker? Instead of spending hours looking through binders and creating manual documents, you can generate an easy to read report in minutes by logging into your account.

Reduce Risk

EDGEauditorSnow was designed primarily as a risk management tool. Through tablets and smartphones, your staff can start to catalog every piece of risk mitigation you have on your property - from sings to fencing to padding and more. By collecting item specific details combined with GPS location and embedded photos all at the same time with a single tool (either smartphone or tablet), you create more accurate, more complete, more intelligent records.

The intelligence comes into play when you need to create supporting documentation for an injury or SAAR. Using EDGEauditorSnow, you can very quickly assemble a package that shows snow and weather conditions, grooming and sweep reports, signs, fences and padding, and anything else associated with that injury, all time stamped and completed to your specifications.

EDGEauditorSnow gives you more accessible, more accurate data, more frequently and in less time.